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Knit Scarves

Personally, I like the hand made one’s made by yours truly, myself. I enjoy having that one of a kind accessory item that looks great. With the huge selection of beautiful yarns out there I just had to pick up my knitting needles and dust them off. They’ve been non-stop ever since. You can find yarn at all the local craft store’s; AC Moore, Jo-Anne Fabrics, Michael’s to name a few as well as their websites. Some of them will offer classes, or will have representative’s near the yarn aisle to help you get started and answer any questions.

All the top yarn companies have very informative website’s to help you get started also. They have an amazing selection of free, yes free patterns that you can print off and use at your disposal. Lion Brand, even has a how to section. I forgot how to “cast off” and it has step by step instructions that set me on my way. All the patterns have very clear instructions on how to knit or crochet and what supplies to purchase. I have made several myself and found them all very easy to follow. They even have the famous Martha Stewart Poncho pattern available online. I wanted one and don’t crochet so I forwarded the pattern to my mother. She so graciously made some for me.

I get endless compliments whenever I wear it. I have now ventured off making my own patterns. What can I say, I’ve got the knitting bug or should I say yarn bug! It’s the yarns that pull you in to buying so much. There really is an amazing selection out there. You can find; cashmere, wool, fun fur, metallics, sequence, curly, fuzzy, you name it they have it. So pick up those knitting needles and get making those scarves. You’ll get the bug too and will end up making them for everyone you know!

For those of you who have no interest in making a scarf or just don’t have the knack for it, there is still hope. Many stores offer a decent selection of knit scarves but you will find a limited selection in the yarn styles. I recommend attending one of the many craft fairs being offered in your area. To look for top quality vendors, look for the juried shows or ones that are very selective in choosing their vendors. You will definitely get a higher quality of vendors and therefore a higher quality of products.

There are some very artistic and talented knitters out there selling their wares. Artistic people not only like to make great products but really like selling them to others to enjoy. I get excited when someone buy’s one of my scarves and can’t wait to wear it. They always come back for more to buy as gifts to share their great find. Another place to shop for knit scarves is at your local art galleries. They consign artist work and stock plenty of gift items as well as artwork. They will have a high quality of vendors. But do hurry, the stores currently are clearing out their winter merchandise for Spring clothing.