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Jeans Cleaning Tips

Surveys have revealed that Seven Jeans as one of the most cherished brand at present. It is the foremost choice in jeans wears for more than half of American population. Keeping this fact in mind this article offers some tips for cleaning of the Seven jeans pair of jeans. These tips are meant not only for providing durability to your cloth but also to keep its beauty intact. Moreover these tips demonstrate how easy and hassle free it is to wash a pair of Seven Jeans.

1. Always wash your Seven Jeans pair in Luke warm water. Avoid either extremely hot or cold water for the former can hamper the fabric while the latter might fail to remove its dirt.

2. If you just came from the beach and your Seven jeans pair is stained with mud, do not brush it under tap water. All you require to do is to take half bucket water, warm it and leave the jeans to get drenched. In 5 to 10 minutes you will see the sticky sand is gone. Throw that water and take fresh mild heated water. Add a good detergent in it and leave the jeans in it again. If you still find some dust sticking to it, scrub the jeans gently with hand.

3. After 15 minutes you will notice that all the dirt from your jeans is wiped off and you have a clean and clear pair in hand.

4. You can also use your washing machine for this purpose. But remember to keep the temperature of water mild.

5. Once the washing process is over you need to be a little cautious about drying your exclusive pair of jeans. The best thing to do is to dry the jeans up side down and not at a place where sunrays are directly over it but at a place where the sunrays are falling diagonally. This will save the color of your exclusive garment from fading away.

6. Since Seven Jeans offers a wonderful fabric, it does not retain much water and takes few minutes to dry. So even if there is no sun, you need not worry for your fully soaked Seven Jeans.

7. You should not use any chemical while washing the Seven jeans pair. It can tarnish the quality of the cloth.