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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Spring Fashion

Spring dresses are definitely the item to have this season. Very much inspired by the 50’s and early 60’s, you can find vintage or new fashions right on the rack in every major clothing store. Look for little ruffles, flowing fabrics, big buttons and belts.

White is everywhere. Be careful with this one as some complexions are not cut out for stark white. If you are nearing middle age, try using white in your accessories instead of brilliant white jackets or skirts. Everyone should be cautious about what we call Minnie Mouse shoes and please don’t break out the white pants, skirts and shoes until after Memorial Day. I don’t care what anyone says. Some rules are not meant to be broken.

Chunky shoes and platform sandals are still the rage this season. Be careful when pairing with your 50’s inspired dress or you will look like you came straight from a rummage sale and not the fashionable trendy shops. Of course some might say that is the trend too.

Chunky necklaces are still in this season as well. Natural woods and brighter colors play a part in the spring continuation of this fall trend.

A line and tulip skirts are all over the spring fashion scene. Watch the length and the belting. A line skirts are great camouflage for larger hips.

Tops are flirty with ruffles, cinching under the bust, and belting or gathers at the waist. These looks are great with jeans, loose fitting trouser style pants, and skirts but can also be paired with a tailored jacket and skirt or pants for work to add a little femininity to your tailored work attire.

Although many chiropractors and doctors may protest, the handbags are available in big and bigger. As always though there has to be balance between what you are wearing and the size and style of bag you are carrying.

About Denim Skirts

Owing to its versatile nature, denim skirts are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, be it a mini that would look great with a sweater and strappy sandals, a sporty pleated skirt that is generally teamed with a tank top and sneakers, or a bohemian rocker chick version studded with crystals. Long denim skirts with a slim silhouette look sophisticated yet casual with a bright sweater and pumps or alternatively, could be worn with high heels to dress up the look.

Far from being restricted to street fashion, denim is making its presence felt in the world of haute couture. Marc Jacobs recently showcased his line of stretch denim A-line skirts with zipper pockets at front and single button closure. According to him, there’s nothing like a classically urban denim skirt to get an indecisive girl through any don’t-know-what-to-wear days. Designer Miuccia Prada turned denim inside out for strapless dresses worn over T-shirts in her latest collection while earlier this year, D-Squared combined denim with suede leather in a collection based on rodeo chic.

Make sure you consider your body type when choosing the length of your denim skirt, though. While denim minis flatter slim figures, a pencil-length skirt paired with a soft, feminine top is a great elegant option for those blessed with fuller figures.

Handcrafted Bracelets

Handcrafted bracelet is when an artisan personally picks out the beads and colors him/herself. And then decides on a design, stringing material, and what kind of impression this piece of jewelry should make. There really is a lot that goes into the thought process.

I can tell you that I personally create all of my bracelets…. I take a whole evening, or even days to create a special piece. In my jewelry box–you can expect to see that not one design is exactly the same. I get so many compliments on my work that they ask me–where did you buy that?…. (of course the ones who know me well know that I have made it myself, and compliment me on my artwork)–but for those who don’t know me, they will just sigh in amazement that it seems almost impossible to create..

So when I say a handcrafted bracelet is something to cherish–I truly mean it. There is so much work from the heart that goes into it-thats why its so hard for a true jewelry artisan to part with his/her jewelry–It becomes a part of us.

–The next time you receive a handcrafted bracelet or any other piece of jewelry–take it as a compliment. It means that you are special to that person and they wanted to find something original and unique to give you…

Luxury of Wool

From warm sweaters to bohemian scarves, cashmere garments are considered timeless, tasteful, and elegant. Wear them to occasions -whether casual or intimate -and you’ll find that you’ll stand out in sleek comfort. This is why the popularity of cashmere has only grown with the years.

Though it has been accorded much acclaim and praise, cashmere is actually the fur of the humble Kashmir goats, often harvested during their respective molting seasons. Kashmir goats can be found in China, India, Tibet, and Iran -but are primarily bred in Mongolia.

In fact, history tells that rulers from centuries past have gifted their loved ones with cashmere garments -owing to the beauty of the wool and the status it accorded because of its high value.

Due to cashmere’s popularity; however, Americans have also jumped right in and started breeding their own cattle. What actually adds to the cashmere’s price is the fact that it takes one Kashmir goat four to five years to shed enough fur to make just one garment. It is no wonder that people who collect garments made out of cashmere treat these articles with utmost care.

Cashmere wool can either be knit or woven to form various garments. Not only are such clothing highly exquisite to look out, they also provide much warmth during cold weather.

Cashmere garments are considered really chic gifts, whether they are given to the young and old, those who favor vintage or modern ways of dressing, as well as people with different lifestyles.

Just as there are many ways to design clothes made of cashmere, you’ll find that this type of wool also varies in cost, depending on which part of the Kashmir goat the fur came from.

The best quality often comes from the throat and underbelly, and therefore garners the higher price. The lesser quality, which is still actually good, comes from the Kashmir goat’s legs and back -and this is, logically, less expensive.

Whatever the quality, cashmere fibers can be fashioned into dresses, capes, scarves, sweaters, hats, mittens, shawls, and even blankets! There is a wide array of articles to choose from, and cashmere lovers claim that with proper care and handling, cashmere articles are the ultimate keepsakes.

Truth be told, even as more and more people purchase the latest designs, avid vintage collectors are also on the prowl for the more intricate designs of the past. Cashmere is considered timeless, and when knitted and woven in good taste, often provides an air of sophistication for the wearer.

Proper cleaning for knitted cashmere garments involve gentle hand-washing, while woven ones must be dry cleaned. Keep these garments in areas of normal temperature.